Basics of the Web and Hosting ( admin posted on August 30th, 2014 )

What is it?

A website is basically a collection of data files of all kinds; images, text, videos and HTML just to mention a few. These are some of the components that bring together a website. All these files are interconnected in some way. These files also need a place where they can be stored. Essentially, they need a host. This is what web hosting is all about. It’s about storing all these files in a place that can allow access by other websites. To put it simply, a very powerful computer that is the server provides the space needed. There are companies that provide web and hosting services. Before that, however, one must first understand what this concept means. After learning the basics, then the decision is easier to make on how to get web hosting services.



After understanding what web and hosting entails, then one must learn about the different types of hosting that are available. This way one would know what’s most suitable for them. There are a lot of web hosting companies that one may find it confusing picking one. Making that easier would be to know about the basics of the whole thing. Here is a look at some options that one may have when selecting a web hosting company.

Shared hosting

In this type of web hosting, one server is shared among several users. In shared hosting, one server has its resources dedicated to multiple users.  The advantage in selecting this type of hosting is that the costs are less. The sure pays less because the resources are shared. The technical competence needed by the hostgator coupon user does not come into play much. This is because the user does not have control over the server and therefore is not concerned with its technical needs. Shared hosting comes with its cons though. The fact that the user is not able to do much in terms of the technical part is one. As much as this may be an advantage for some where skill is concerned, it’s also a disadvantage because the user has to wait for the administrator in case something went wrong. The amount of traffic that a shared server can handle may be limited. Less traffic is allowed through a shared server.

Dedicated hosting

This type of web hosting allows one user their own server. One user gets to store all their information on a server that is dedicated solely to them. This gives them better access to their files. A user also doesn’t have to worry about other websites interfering with theirs. The user enjoys better performance. This particular type of web hosting costs more because of the exclusivity.

Cloud hosting

This type of web hosting has become common with time. This is where several servers are put together to form what is known as a cloud. Several users then use the cloud to host their websites. The difference between this and shared hosting is that more traffic is allowed. The several servers also mean a better performance.

Web and hosting services are easy to find when one knows what to look for. One has to first decide if they want something cheap, good performance or more control and access

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Web Hosting In Pakistan ( admin posted on August 23rd, 2014 )

Opposing to what you may consider right now, normally more is not really better! Many sites offer extremely top or limitless web space. Usually, companies that give  a large amounts of space  will offer this service knowing that it is unlikely that you will  never use all of the web space you are offered, and if you  cannot  be able to use all that  space, then expect to get  penalized one way or the other.


Many people out there wrongly believe that the website hosting segment offers the same kinds of solutions but it’s not the case. Web space will really vary according to what one needs, depending on the number  of pages use and picture the  site is made of, whether  you will want to make use of sound files,  the video clips, etc.

Web Hosting services In Pakistan

If you are at present looking for web hosting Pakistan, now is the perfect time to get the best. The just economy has been quickly growing over the last few years. From 2005-2010, Pakistan hugely experienced a   nice growth of 12 percent. Pakistan got a dramatic arrival of investments in plenty of areas, such as business, software as well as telecommunications. Pakistan covers over 803,940 km2 approximately and this is equal to the combined land parts of the United Kingdom and France. It is in the eastern parts located on the Indian tectonic plate and as well as the western and northern parts on the Eurasian land plate and the Iranian plateau. Aside from the 1,046 km of the Arabian Sea coastline, Pakistan has land borders of 6,774 km with Afghanistan on the northwest, 523 km and then China to the northeast, which is 2,912 km with the Indian region.

A number of individuals notice that a big population growth typically means a lot more companies and business to select from. For a mounting population, you cannot go past the Karachi region. Karachi, is the capital of Sindh, in addition it is in the biggest city in Pakistan. It is the most populated city in the world; it is a big location for Pakistani software firms, and internet experts and best market for web hosting Pakistan.

Web hosting is a sort of Internet hosting solution that helps different businesses as well as individuals to create their own web sites obtainable for use through the Web from any part in the world. These Web hosts are companies that are given a room on the server for different customers as well as in addition give web connectivity.

If you need Linux hosting service, it is really cheaper than usual web hosting service you can get in Pakistan. Many people really favor the Linux approach, because it is so simple and the most beneficial part is the open source, which means that anyone can regulate it and work on it when there is a need. Linux plans come with basic open source help, such as PHP programming languages and MySQL database applications.  Every company will get its own amount of space, and bandwidth which means that they will not share

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Pros and Cons of One Web Hosting ( admin posted on August 11th, 2014 )

Web hosting companies provide pretty much the same generic services. There are the aspects that must be present in all web hosting packages. There are still differences that make one consider a certain web hosting service and not another. One web hosting is an option that people have when looking for web hosting services. The site offers web hosting solutions to a variety of entities. When considering if to use the services of one web or not, one must first look at the pros and cons. This way, one would know what benefits the services would come with and what the limitations are.

The Pros

To start with the advantages that the web hosting site offers; transfer of domain name for free. Every company benefits their own domain name. With one web, a company can find their own domain and register it for free. If an entity already has an existing domain, then they can continue using the services.  There is also a tool that can be used to search the availability of a specific domain. This helps a company come up with an exclusive domain.

When it comes to website creation, the process is easy. The application that is provided for site building is compatible with Mac. This means that one would not be restricted to just one operating system. The user interface is very easy and all one has to do is follow the steps outlined. There are different designs that one may select from. One can also use the colors and images to make the website look more appealing. The user doesn’t even have to have knowledge of HTML because the software does not have the HTML code.

One web hosting provides services for small businesses. There are different plans that are tailored to cater for different types of businesses. There is the small business starter plan, the standard and the professional. This gives the user options to select from.

The Cons

One thing that people keep complaining about when it comes to this particular web hosting service is the customer care. A lot of reviews have people complaining that they don’t get the round the clock customer service promised on the site. There are also complaining of issues taking too long before they are handled.

Another disadvantage is the price. Compared to other web hosting sites, the prices are a little on the higher side. For what they charge, the services should be more. The small business starter for instance does not have a spam filtering application offered. This can be inconveniencing for any business. For the price that the plan cost, there should be more features offer.

The disk space is something else. The site offers 25GB, 50GB and 100GB for the three plans. Considering the amount of work that needs to be done, the disk space should be more especially for the professional plan. The prices that are charged should cater for more space than the web hosting site offers.

When looking for the best site for web hosting solutions, the choices are endless. If one decides to go with one web hosting, or any other site, one must first find out what to expect.

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Is There Good Web Hosting in Ireland? ( admin posted on July 23rd, 2014 )

It is a known fact that should not look a web hosting company’s geographical location when doing business with them or uses their services. But there is no disputing the fact that the one in your area make the task easier and service more believable and reliable. This, however does not imply that one should trust the one’s in their area blindly. The Web hosting Ireland are comparatively new and when one plans to find out how their services are one should do a bit of research.

The numbers of web hosting companies in Ireland are many, and they have shown a record of better services and focused business manner over the time. Thus, we have all ideas to believe that they will make a good web hosting service provider. All the web hosting Ireland companies are them bound by an SLA (service level agreement). This is a government undertaking by the companies to obey with what they have promised in terms of services and failure on their part of the same will entitle the customer who is the sufferer a full return.


Most of the companies that have been known to do good business over the year have signed an SLA this shows their determination and faith in their ability to provide good services. The companies that claim in their packages to offer unlimited bandwidth are also required to abide by the same agreement. This is to safeguard the customer and also keep a check on the company’s performance. This is waved off if the company’s AUP states otherwise and show clearly what the upper limit restrictions for bandwidth and what are the charges applicable if the usage crossed the limit. The package shows an annual cost which is fairly decent, and if there is a monthly or another form of payment then, it is stated otherwise.

The number of companies here is long, but the top among them are which is a budget service and enjoys a good customer reputation, it provides ten email accounts and limit on Bandwidth and space to be used. There may be one limitation that you will find with the web hosting Ireland, which is the one regarding the limitation on spaces and bandwidth. But if your web service demands are reasonable then you need not worry they will provide a good service option. Other names on the list, which enjoy good reputation, are, which offer packages, but is also limited in terms of space and bandwidth the company however enjoys a good up time. Adding to the list is and my both decent in their charges and services with uptime and email accounts that will suit the users. Thus, the Ireland web hosting companies are doing a good bit in working towards setting up a suitable service. There might however be sometime from now when they will be at par, but from where they stand today, they seemed to be showing a good reputation and business model which shows they know what they are doing.

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#1 Deal Of The Year: Hostgator Discount Coupon 2014 ( admin posted on July 3rd, 2014 )

You can check the World Wide Web to find the best hostgator coupon 2014. Users will be able to find the biggest and highest discounts available for the month of August 2014. The various offers for the month includes, twenty-five, thirty, and thirty-five percent off on availing all the different hosting plans offered by this renowned hosting service provider. The codes can be used for baby, hatchling, or business hosting plans as well as VPS hosting services offered by hostgator. Moreover, the discount codes can also be used to avail big savings on dedicated and reseller server hosting. The biggest deal of the year until date is the HOSTGATOR30, which is available only until the end of this month and more than two hundred users have already availed of this big saving offer.


Using the discount code

Using this biggest discount coupon or any other hostgator code available on the Internet is very simple and easy for all users irrespective of their technical expertise. Users must visit the official website of this hosting company and click on hosting/VPS/reseller/server tab in the menu available on the home page. Once you choose the hosting plan, you need to click on order now and fill out a very simple form providing certain basic details. The information you need to provide includes your payment information, details about the chosen package, and the billing address. Payments can be made using either debit/credit card or through PayPal. Before checking out you must input the coupon code in this form to avail the discount.

About hostgator coupons

Unlike the default hostgator discount coupon 2014 that provides a reduction of twenty percent on the total invoice, this best coupon offers thirty-five percent off at any time. HoweverMoreover, this code is available only for a very short period of time and users are recommended to take advantage without any delays. Some higher discount coupons are available during the holiday season, such as New Year Day, Christmas, Hostgator annual birthday celebration, Cyber Monday, and Black Friday. This is one of the best times to take advantage of the some of the most lucrative offers provided by this hosting service provider.

Benefits of using hostgator services

If you have never used hostgator before or are a new web marketer, you will find hundreds of positive reviews about this service provider. The Central Processing Unit is very powerful and you can easily see this when you extract files or compress these or when you run online query operations. Moreover, the servers are hardly down for maintenance or due to technical hitches giving you an uptime of almost hundred percent. Sometimes you may lose hundreds of dollars in sales due to your site being down. In such instances having access to the various customer support options provided by hostgator can be very beneficial to overcome the downtime and ensure you do not lose revenues. Users have access to unlimited space and domain names with the best hosting control option, which is the cPanel.

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